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SPID InfoCert ID


Just one PIN for your Digital Identity.



What's InfoCert ID?


InfoCert ID is the tool to access the Public Administration online, wherever you are and with just one PIN.


Thanks to InfoCert ID you will Certify, Protect and Use your online identity safely.



Rely on InfoCert to be SPID ready.


InfoCert ID is your key to connect with Public Administration

With the only PIN, a simple way to interact with e-government, finally.


Thanks to the Public System for Digital Identity (SPID), citizens and companies will be able to access the online services of PAs using a new credential system to manage their online identity.

How does SPID network work?
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All individuals and legal entities may require the PIN to access the Public Administration's online services.

Identity Providers

They are accredited entities that provide the credentials to manage digital identity.

Attribute Providers

Authorities that are listed on the public register who can certify the attributes relating to an entity (eg. Profession).

PA's Online Services

All portals of central and local government will gradually give the access to their online services through SPID Credentials.


Online services just a click away

Find out what you can do with InfoCert ID


Whether you are a citizen or a professional, InfoCert offers a world of opportunities for using and managing the Digital Identity safely and efficiently.

You will be immediately able to use your InfoCert ID to access more than 300 PAs' services.

Check below the available services:


InfoCert is your Identity Provider

How to get your PIN in 3 steps

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The most interesting questions to which we have already answered:

What is InfoCert ID?

InfoCert ID is an account consisting in a set of credentials (username, password and OTP) connected to a user's digital identity. With InfoCert ID you can log-in to the services of the Public Administration and to all websites who join SPID network.

What are SPID LoA 2-3-4?

To authenticate on the online services, there are 3 level of assurance (LoA) depending on the importance of transaction:

  • LoA 2: Authenticate with userID and PIN;
  • LoA 3: Authenticate with userID, PIN and OTP (One Time Password);
  • LoA 4: all of previous authenticators' factor plus a physical device.

How much does InfoCert ID cost?

InfoCert ID is free until 3/31/2017 for 2 years.

Where can I find the online services I can use my InfoCert ID with?

A list will be released and available on this website soon.

Can I use my CNS to ask for an InfoCert ID account?

Yes you can use to authenticate and get a LoA 3 account.

Where can I find legal references about SPID?

You can find them on the AgID website.